Dark & Light custom UI themes with colors variations for Sublime Text 2

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Phoenix Theme

Dark & Light custom UI themes with colors variations for Sublime Text 2

Design & Colors

Light Theme

Phoenix Light Theme

Light Blue

Phoenix Light Blue Theme

Light Dark Blue

Phoenix Light Dark Blue Theme

Dark Theme

Phoenix Dark Theme

Dark Green

Phoenix Dark Green Theme

Dark Blue

Phoenix Dark Blue Theme

Dark Red

Phoenix Dark Red Theme

Dark Pink

Phoenix Dark Pink Theme

Dark Orange

Phoenix Dark Orange Theme

Dark Yellow

Phoenix Dark Yellow Theme



Phoenix theme is designed to work with the latest development build of Sublime Text 2.

Using Sublime Package Control

If you are using Will Bond's excellent Sublime Package Control, you can easily install Phoenix Theme via the Package Control: Install Package menu item. The Phoenix Theme package is listed as Theme - Phoenix in the packages list.

Using Git

Alternatively, if you are a git user, you can install the theme and keep up to date by cloning the repo directly into your Packages directory in the Sublime Text 2 application settings area.

You can locate your Sublime Text 2 Packages directory by using the menu item Preferences -> Browse Packages....

While inside the Packages directory, clone the theme repository using the command below:

git clone "Theme - Phoenix"

Download Manually

Activating the theme

To configure Sublime Text 2 to use the theme:

Example User Settings

    "theme": "Phoenix Dark.sublime-theme"

Alternate Colors

Phoenix Theme ships with 6 alternate color styles. To configure you favorite color:

Light theme : blue, darkblue - Dark Theme : red, green, blue, orange, yellow and pink

Example for Blue variant

"phoenix_color_blue": true

Hightlight text label on selected tab

You can hightlight or not the text label (filename) of the selected tab :

"phoenix_highlight_current_tab": true    

Phoenix Dark Highlight Current Tab

Eighties mode for selected tab

If you use Phoenix Dark Eighties or Tomorrow Night Eighties color scheme, you will love having this option enabled!

"phoenix_eighties": true    

Phoenix Dark Eighties Current Tab

Solid selected tabs

Enable this setting to get solid background color on the selected tab :

"phoenix_solid_current_tab": true

Phoenix Dark Solid Current Tab

Alternate dirty state for inactive tabs

Enable this setting to get a bottom bar on inactive dirty tabs (inspired from Nil Theme by Noel Cower) :

"phoenix_dirty_bottom_bar": true

Also, you can choose the color of the bottom bar (default is white, colors available are red, green, blue, orange, yellow and pink). Example for red :

"phoenix_dirty_bottom_bar_red": true

Phoenix Dark Dirty State

Adjust row's height on sidebar tree

Example for large sidebar tree :

"phoenix_sidebar_tree_large": true

For now, five additionnal height are available : xsmall, small, medium, large, and xlarge

Phoenix Sidebar Tree

Colorize opened folders on Dark Theme

Enable this setting to colorize opened folder icons on sidebar, when using Dark Theme with color variation.

"phoenix_color_expanded_folder": true

Simply choose the height of your tabs!

Prefer small tabs? No problem, there is a custom setting for this!

"phoenix_tabs_small": true

For now, five height are available : small, medium, normal (by default), large, and xlarge

Automatic width tabs

You want your tabs with automatic width? there is a custom setting for this!

"phoenix_tabs_auto_width": true

Custom Color Scheme

Phoenix Dark

Phoenix Theme provide six custom color schemes according to Phoenix Dark colors variations : red, green, blue, orange, yellow and pink.

Each color scheme has a "Eighties" version with a slightly lighter background (recommend to activate the phoenix_eighties).

You can see screenshots of these color schemes in the top page

Also, Phoenix Theme provide two slightly modified color scheme to magnify the interface (just background update).

Clouds Midnight

Original theme : ( Phoenix Dark Clouds Midnight

Tomorrow Night

Original theme : ( Phoenix Dark Tomorrow Night

Retina Resolution UI

Phoenix Theme has been designed to take advantage of retina resolution (high-dpi) displays. Phoenix Theme support retina displays.

Theme Customisation

Sublime Text 2 provides an elegant way to tweak existing themes without having to duplicate or maintain a separate copy of the original theme. If there are aspects of Phoenix Theme that you would like to adjust, take a look at the theme customisation wiki page from Soda Theme.


Based on Soda Theme by Ian Hill (